We pride ourselves on our ability to help others with their loan needs and provide assistance to them and their families. While our main product is the financing of loans, our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best service that they can get. We understand our customers need for person to person interactions so we make it a priority to provide what is expected. Our customer service policies have been part of our mission since our company was founded. Led by our management team, our employees have a passion for helping others.

Our services

Personal loan

Personal loans can help you take care of short term immediate needs with flexible repayment terms.

Business Loan

You know what your business requires to run smoothly, and we can provide competitive financing to make it happen.

Home improvement Loan

For house renovations, completing house construction or purchasing land for living purpose.

Student Loan

A Student Loan helps to pay for your course fees (the compulsory fees charged by your education provider), study materials and living costs.

Car Loan

Is it time for a new car? Whether you’re in the market for something sporty or sensible, we offer low rates for new and used cars and trucks.

Mortgage Loan

Turn rent payments into home equity and start securing your financial future. Mortgage rates are still low and our various home loan plans are designed fit different budgets and needs.

What our clients say

"I've been looking for a new house for about 5 years and when I found the right home it was Lending point Company that supported my decision."

- David

"Got a personal loan from Lending Point Company and I am very happy with the conditions. I needed a good laptop for school and bought it on credit."

- Jesmond

"Awesome conditions for the personal loan. I managed to buy the iPhone I always wanted with a credit from Lending Point Company. Their staff is very kind."

- Josy

Need a personal loan?

Amount Based

To make it easier for you to decide which is the better option, we've organized the loans offering based on maximum amount too. It's very simplistic but a lot easier to understand.

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